At the apex of our decision making structure is the six member Board of directors of three men and three women supported by a four member Advisory Board. The Board is charged with the responsibility of:

Setting directions for the organisation,

  1. Fund mobilisation,
  2. Approval of financial plans;
  3. Ensuring adequacy and prudent management of resources,
  4. Adopting major organizational policies,
  5. Ensuring compliance,
  6. Promoting and publicizing the organization’s work. The Board meets once a year.


The role of the Advisory Board is advisory and they meet once a year to review projects and offer advice on next steps. The Executive Director heads the core of the day-to-day operations of the organization and is supported by a Technical Adviser. At the next level is the Administrative Manager who takes care of personnel and administrative matters; the Operations Manager who works with the different teams to manage the projects of the organization. The Accountant working with an accounts clerk and a Book manager ensures that the funds (General accounts and Project Accounts) are well secured and disbursed only in line with approved budgets. The Operations Manager, Admin Manager and accountant report directly to the Executive Director and acts on approval by Executive director.

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