All activities undertaken by Civil Resource Development and Documentation centre (hereinafter referred to as CIRDDOC) carry an element of risk. The exposure to these risks is managed through the practice of Risk Management. In managing risk, it is the CIRDDOC’s practice to take advantage of potential opportunities while managing potential adverse effects. Managing risk is the responsibility of everyone in the Organisation.

This policy outlines the organisation’s risk management process and sets out the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Chief Accounting Officer and other members of staff whether paid or unpaid within the organisation in relation to risk management.

This policy shall commence on the 13th day of November, 2019 upon approval by the Board of Trustees and when the Executive Director, executes same.

This policy applies to all staff, including the Executive Director and Board of Trustee members, whether unpaid staff/Volunteers, professional Staff, NYSC Corp. members attached to CIRDDOC or any person or persons working for or on behalf of CIRDDOC as an organisation.

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